Hunan Province Foreigner's Photo Contest Launched

The Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest, undertaken by the Hunan Official Web Portal,As part of the 2nd Online Hunan Culture Festival  is to be launched from November 25th to December 15h, 2013undertaken by the Hunan Official Web Portal. ,The Contest, as part of the 2nd Online Hunan Culture Festival, is the only activity held for international friends working, studying, living and traveling in Hunan. It will offer a stage for them  the Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest is to be launched from November 25th, 2013 to Decmeber 15h. It will provide a stage for international friends to express their thoughts and views through art, voice their stories and share their feelings concerning life in Hunan,express their feelings and views through photographing art, communicate and strengthen their connection with Hunan, and further promote Huxiang culture to the world.

Several events will be held during the Photo Contest including Hunan photography expedition toursphotography vacations throughout Hunan, international photography salonsinternational photo gallery showings, awards ceremony, photo exhibitions and more! 100 international friends will be invited to take a tour and have the opportunity to take photosexpedition tours to in famous tourist attractions, historical sites, leading enterprises, characteristic industries, and new towns around Hunan during Nov. 25 to Dec. 15. During the international photography salons, participants, local photographers and netizens will be invited to share photography skills together. Submitted photography will be showcased at photo galleries throughout the province. Contest participators, local photographers and netizens are invited to attend the events.

On the morning of October 30, 2013, the Second Online Hunan Cultural Festival opened kicked off in Changsha. Seventeen internet cultural activities such as a series of activities related to "My Chinese Dream--- Dreaming Hunan" have been launched. The photo contest is the second internet time theme activity undertaken for by Hunan Official Web Portal to undertaken the activity of the Second Online Hunan Cultural Festival. following Last year, it had successfully undertake the activity of "Selection of Top 10 Huxiang Cultural Events" held successfully in 2012.