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Hunan International Flights Development Seminar held in Zhangjiajie

Recently, Hunan Development Seminar on International Flights has been officially held in Zhangjiajie. From the seminar, it is reported that air ports in Hunan will take pains to open up international (regional) airlines and flights, among which European and US regular flights including Changsha to Frank furt will become the main targets.

In recent years, the entry and exit numbers in the air ports of Hunan has maintained a good momentum of growth. By the end of December 24th,2012, the entry and exit numbers in the air ports of Hunan had ranked on 810,000,an increase of 19% than last year.Owing to various factors, there are still less international flights. Flights from air ports to overseas in Changsha are 31, including six country(regional) regular flights from Changsha to South Korea, Thailand, HK and Taiwan etc. four country (regional) temporary charted flights from Changsha to Japan, Vietnam, Russia and Malaysia. After the comprehensive openness to the outside world in last year, Zhangjiajie airports have added charted flights in succession from Changsha to Daegu,Chinju and Busan in South Korea and Bangkok in Thailand.Besides,regular flight from Zhangjiajie to Taiwan,also has been opened.

Translated by Crystal