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Hunan Huaihua Promotes Travel to Fight Poverty

Located in the southwest of Hunan Province, Huaihua City is working hard to develop a classic travel route focusing on rich Miao and Dong culture. The travel route, together with newly-promoted travel routes in Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, is expected to form a travel corridor serving as an effective means to fight poverty in Great Xiangxi (West Hunan).

The travel route is of great strategic significance in Hunan’s travel transportation as it covers the areas of Huitong County, Jingzhou Miao Autonomous County and Dongdao Dong Autonomous County in Huaihua City, which lie on the border of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou. The route boasts one of cultural sites on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List—Dongdao Dong Villages, seven cultural relic sites under state protection including Gaoyi Ancient Village which is known as a “living fossil” of ancient residential buildings, and three national intangible cultural heritage items. Upon completion, the annual reception capacity of the area is estimated to reach two million, with travel revenue of one billion yuan and benefiting 200,000 people.

Deputy Director of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Tourism Gao Yangxian remarked that the travel route aims to unite scattered scenic spots in the area while integrating the city’s unique landscape with its profound minority culture, so as to add the travel value of single scenic spot, push forward the transformation of the route into an industrialized economic belt and an engine for economic growth.

Gaoyi Ancient Village of Huitong County

Bullfight dance in Gaoyi Ancient Village

Miao people prepare “Lanmen wine” (greeting custom for local people to welcome distinguished guests) for guests in Disun Miao Village of Jingzhou Miao Autonomous County.

Huangdu Dong Nationality Cultural Village in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal