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Famous Writer Wangmeng will hold Pulpit in Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Theatre

Former minister of culture, The famous writer Wangmeng will appear in Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi” theatre on October 27th. In the view of the nature and Chinese culture,He will give a Xiangxi Culture Speech.

Culture is the soul of travel. 81-year-old Mr Wangmeng, Chairman of the China writers association, honorary, in 1990 had the first visit to Zhangjiajie. He was interested in Big Xiangxi Culture. He has praised that Xiangxi Culture was full of original natural beauty. On October 27th, Mr. Wangmeng will compete with Xiao-yang Huang, He Liwei to explore the Chinese culture.

According to understand, Charming Xiangxi Culture pulpit is organized by Charm Hunan Zhangjiajie Tourism Development Co.,LTD. It aims to build excavate Xiangxi Culture. Charming Xiangxi Culture aims to forge a Xiangxi and dialogue platform in the world, which will make the ancient Xiangxi Culture constantly towards the world, letting more people to yearn for the mysterious unique Xiangxi Culture.

Translated by Sophia