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Zhangjiajie Aviation Travel Festival, Performance Planes arrive at Lotus Airport

On October 24th, With the noise of the turbine, three performance flights (Aurora light sport aircraft) fly to Zhangjiajie lotus airport. It is the first performance flight in 2015 Zhangjiajie international aviation travel festival.

2015 Zhangjiajie international aviation travel festival will be held on October 30 to November 2, held in Zhangjiajie lotus airport. There will be three performance teams from international and domestic aerobatic team. The first one is Aurora, which belongs to Hunan sunward technology co., LTD. The other two Swedish Scandinavian stunt planes, which are respectively known as “Air gangsters”. Meanwhile, Sweden aerobatic team will also challenge the world’s first flying across. This activity is preparing to declare the guinness book of world records.

Translated by Sophia