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Hunan Handicraft Makers Awarded at China Women’s Handicraft Expo

The China Women’s Handicraft Expo, sponsored by the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), concluded recently in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. Six Hunan enterprises engaging in Hunan embroidery, Miao embroidery, Dong brocade, embroidery patchwork quilt, palm leaf knitting and bamboo leaf knitting showcased their works at the Expo under the arrangement of the Huxiang Needlework Committee.

The double-faced disparate embroidery “Tibetan Mastiff and Tiger” produced by Jiang Zaihong, a Chinese arts and crafts master and inheritor of Hunan embroidery as a national intangible cultural heritage, and the Dabujiang embroidery patchwork quilt “Grinning” from Yongxing, Chenzhou, stood out from over 1,100 entries, winning the “Golden Prize for Ethnic Handicraft” and the “Prize for Women and Children’s Favorite Products” respectively. The Hunan Women’s Federation was awarded as an outstanding organizer.

The awarded works were recommended by the Hunan Women’s Federation, and selected through online ballots, expert review and the ACWF assessment. 

Award presenter, Cui Weiyan, director of the Department for Women’s Development at the ACWF along with award winner representatives of the Hunan Women’s Federation.

Hunan embroidery “Tibetan Mastiff and Tiger” wins “Golden Prize for Ethnic Handicraft”.

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal