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Dubai’s Famous Director Tom Lowe choose Spots in Zhangjiajie

From October 19th to October 21st, At the invitation of Wulingyuan district travel departments, Dubai studio director Tom Lowe has a visit to the core scenic area Wulingyuan, to choose spots for the large art documentary “To see the world”.

Director Tom Lowe (Tom) has taken us to suffocate the documentary “The scenery of time”, Which becoming the world’s first sale the highest resolution digital movies. Tom Lowe, through this film “To see the world”, will show the grandeur of nature in 25 countries. The film will use the most advanced super slow motion, underwater and aerial photography technology, so the most beautiful and the purest beauty is presented to the audience.

The film producer Noah Weinzweig has worked on HBO’s “The Pacific” and won the Emmy awards. He introduces, it is a completely composed of original music and powerful images of high quality works of art. The filming in Zhangjiajie is mainly aerial, which will put the world-famous Zhangjiajie landform, humanity and the natural combination of classical images to the public.

They will formally come to Zhangjiajie in early November. It is also the last leg of shooting of “See the world”.

Translated by Sophia