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Hunan Economic Symposium&Businessmen Convention Kicks off in Zhuzhou

On September 26th, The opening ceremony of the 2013 Hunan Economic Symposium & Businessmen Convention is held in Zhuzhou. On the preliminary convention that was held in 25th, seven subject activities about thisHunanbusinessmen convention are presented.

These seven subject activities are as follows:

1.Hunan leaders meet with vital guests and businessmen representatives(September 26 15:00-16:00)

2.The opening ceremony—signing ceremony of vital cooperation projects(September 26 16:30-17:30)

3.Meeting of exchanges during meal.( September 26 18:30-19:30)

4.Development forum by Hunan businessmen( September 27 8:30-11:30)

5.Banks and enterprises, university and business, and production and cooperation symposium from Hunan buinsessmen–New industrialization product exhibition.(September 27 15:00-16:30)

6.Enterprise-establishing special activity and “Businessmen enter intoHunan” investment and survey activity.

7.Results conference (September 27 17:00-17:30)

Stadtstaat special activities include:Happy Zhuzhou photos itinerant exhibition, Zhuzhou leaders meeting with guests and business representatives, recommendation meeting on Zhuzhou basic situation–The signing ceremony, 2013 Hunan business celebrities gathering night and the starting and completion ceremony of vital projects in Zhuzhou, to name but a few.

Deputy secretary general of Hunan–Wang guangming hosts the meeting; Deputy director ofHunaneconomic office–Zhu jun and deputy mayor Yang yufang attend the meeting.

Travelling merchant representatives come to Zhuzhou, praising its rapid development

From moring to night on September 25, the travelling merchants who attend the 2013 Hunan Economic Symposium & Businessmen Convention come to Zhuzhou. After witness Zhuzhou’s development, they think highly of it.

46 buses serve these travelling merchants

During the convention, the bus company has arranged 46 buses to provide these guests with satisfying service.

Gu keyuan, Section chief of transport comprehensive sector of Zhuzhou transport department indicates 46 buses have been check carefully in sound condition; besides, they have trained these drivers to secure the safety during driving.

According to the arrangement, even these travelling guests travel by bus, everyone can have a seat. These buses will stop in the special parking lot where the seven hotels are specially offered to these travelling merchants.

At that time, guests can learn the bus number that he will take according to the at-hand information, and also they can inquire nearby volunteers, so they can take bus in time.

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