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Yuelu Academy Restores the Traditional Memorial Ceremony for Confucius

September 28th is the 2,564 anniversaries of Confucius’ birthday and scholars across the country gather in the thousand-year Yuelu academy. Under the joint effort from Yuelu Academy Sinology Research and Communication Center, Hunan Chinese Cultural Academy and Hunan Huxiang Cultural Exchange Association, The memorial ceremony for Confucius & the First “Global Chinese China Classics Recitation Day” activity kicks off in the Confucius Temple of Yuelu Academy. Ou yangbing, the vice-chairman of provincial political consultative conference attends the event.

At 9:00am, Ancient music resounding in the Confucius Temple of Yuelu Academy, amid a solemn atmosphere, 500 people from Hunan University Yuelu Academy and representatives from different circles both in home and abroad flock in here to make three bows to Confucius.Yuelu Academy is one of the four major ancient academies, and sacrificing ancient saints and teachers is the main content for ancient academies. It is reported that it is the first time forYueluAcademyto restore the ritual activity after it suspended for over one hundred years.

Soon afterwards, The first “Global Chinese China Classics Recitation Day” is initiated where teachers and students from Yuelu Academy and people from all walks of life recite portion chapters of College and Analects of Confucius. At the same time, 100,000 ethnic Chinese from 30 countries and regions such as America, British, Canada, Japan and Malaysia recite College and Analects of Confucius at parallel sessions. From now on, global Chinese will recite Chinese classics on September 28 every year to propaganda Chinese culture and drive Chinese culture to the global.

By Crystal