Hunan Cultural Travel Project Taohuayuan Begins to Take Shape

The strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony of the Hunan Broadcasting System and Taohuayuan Ancient Town of Changde City was held on June 18. It is released that the constructing program of cultural travel in the Taohuayuan Ancient Town has started and begun to take shape. A grand cultural theme park will be built to display philosophy of detached culture of Tao Yuanming (365-427 AD, a giant poet and literati in late Eastern Jin Dynasty), restoring the farming scene of farmers in his Peach Blossom Spring and reproducing the fairyland on earth, filled with content and happiness. 

Located in the Taohuayuan Town of Changde’s Taohuayuan Tourism Management Zone, the ancient town is constructed under the standard of national 5A scenic spots. It covers an area of over one million square meters, including a gross floor area of 700,000 square meters. With the theme park as its primary project, the ancient town will also set up some residence communities and a group of graceful ancient buildings with the style of those in Ming and Qing Dynasties, providing tourists with all-around service functions in transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. After its completion in 2018, the ancient town is expected to receive over 3 million tourists a year, earning consolidated travel revenue of around 3 billion yuan.

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal