Norway Three Skateboarders Challenge Tianmen mountain

Recently, The Norwegian Petter, Joachim and Preber three skateboarders come to Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain. In the 99 bending tongtian avenue, they will realise a dream in my heart. It is understood that all three are from Norway, who stepping a skateboard to challenge even the Europe’s road. The more difficult road, the more desire they will have to draw the challenge.

In 2012, The roller skating transformer Blondeau in bend tongtian road has staged a crazy roller skating legend, fascinating many people all over the world. Petter and others also through the network know a borne avenue, So they have decided to challenge.

This year, Three people from Norway by plane arrive in Shanghai, and then walk from Shanghai to Xi’an. With the assistance of tianmen mountain staff, Three people skateboard in tongtian avenue. Although a few small accident has happened on the way, In the end, they are complete safety.

Translated by Sophia