Zhangjiajie Tour Train’s Promotion Ended in Shandong

On June 17th, After Jinan, Zibo, Linyi three stations, Zhangjiajie came to Jining, Shandong to hold travel promotion conference. It means “Zhangjiajie” ended all the promotion meetings. According to the statistics, A total of more than 70 media and more than 200 travel agencies participated in the seminar.

In shandong promotion, Zhangjiajie through elegant brochures, PPT show and other forms, Introduced the beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie tujia folk customs. Zhangjiajie also explained in detail Jinan-Zhangjiajie travel train and sincerely invited people to Zhangjiajie.

Major travel agencies in Shandong were sure of natural scenery of Zhangjiajie. The opening of “Zhangjiajie tour train” built a bridge between shandong peninsula and western hunan.

Translated by Sophia