Hunan Changsha Holds Spring Festival Symphony Concert

The 2013 "Voice of Spring" Spring Festival Symphony Concert was held in Changsha People's Hall on the evening of the fifth. Provincial and municipal leaders including Liu Xiao, Zhang Jianfei, Yuan Guanqing and Fan Xiaoxin, as well as various other representatives from Hunan's capital welcomed the coming spring as they enjoyed the sounds of the new year.

The annual new-year concert has become a unique, brilliant cultural element of the provincial capital and a new year music celebration for all. It is an important channel by which to further promote the fine arts and give the city an extra touch of class.

The Hunan Symphony Orchestra and Changsha Song & Dance Theater played a leading role in the concert. The concert was magnificent and elegant. Beginning with the traditional symphony "Prelude to the Spring Festival", the concert placed the audience in the midst of bright spring setting, bringing it joy and hope. Many songs such as "Voices of Spring Waltz", "Hungarian Dance Melody", "Liuyang River", "Jasmine", "Meeting in the Yurt" and orchestral music "Ode to the Motherland" were also performed.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal