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Hunan Holds Series of Performances to Celebrate the Spring Festival

On February 4, the Hunan Provincial Culture Department released a list of cultural activities for celebrating the Spring Festival. During the performance season, a total of 23 excellent acts will be staged to enrich the cultural life of local people from February 12 to 24.

More than 800 performers from seven art troupes directly under the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Hunan Flower Drum Cultural Transmission Co., Ltd. will present eleven shows of 23 acts at the Hunan Grand Theater, Red Theater, Xiangjiang Theater, Lotus Kingdom Theater,  and Studio Theatres of the Hunan Song & Dance Theater Co., Ltd. and Hunan Puppet and Shadow Art Troupe. The 23 programmes feature 7 flower drum operas, 2 Hunan operas, 2 Peking operas, 3 acrobatic shows, 4 dramas, 2 parties, 2 puppet and shadow plays and one symphony concert. About 2 acts will be performed to an estimated audience of more than 20,000 every day.

It is Hunan’s largest-scale show during the Spring Festival, covering the entertainment hub of Changsha. Most performances are open to the public for free except several ones with ticket price ranging from 10 to 20 yuan. Citizens can pick up free tickets at relevant theaters in advance. 

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal