Prize Draw by Taking Tramcar is being Launched in Zhangjiajie Ten-mile Gallery

On February 1, the tramcar company in Ten-mile Gallery in Wulingyuan district annouced that prize draw is available to whoever takes the tramcar with electric IC ticket or invoice from this day to February 28.

It is said that this activity is held to celebrate the new year with domestic and foreign tourists. The lottery station is set at the starting point and terminal point of the tramcar station where tourists who have tickets have access to prize draw once. 1 First Prize, 3Second Prize, 110 Third Prize are to selected every day and awards are Zhangjiajie specalties.

As main transportation in Ten-mile Gallery, the price of tramcar has been ajusted since January 5. Ordinary single fare goes to 38 yuan per person while double fare goes to 52 yuan and concessionary single fare turns to 24 yuan per person while round trip fare 30 yuan.

By Patricia