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Highly Anticipated 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week Unveiled

Mark Levine, the American musician acclaimed as “Father of Country Music”, and Fu Han, a Chinese folk song singer, perform a ballad of Sangzhi County.

The 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week unveiled its curtain on the Huanglong Cave Ecological Square on August 31. Twenty-two country music bands from twenty countries and eight domestic bands offered a world-class country music feast. More than 2,000 guests and tourists from home and abroad witnessed the grand music event.

Some excellent teams and musicians put on their fantastic performances including German Voice Factory widely known in Europe, the Peruvian traditional religious opera troupe “Bolivar lost in Ticlio”, and Jean-Francois Maljean, the prestigious Belgium pianist acclaimed as one of “Top Ten Musicians of 21 Century”. In the next four days, they will tour Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Shuiraosimen (four streams converge here), Tianzi Mountain, Huanglong Cave Square, Baofeng Lake and Tianmen Mountain.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal