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Gala Night Presents in Xibu Street during the 2013 Zhangjiajie Music Week

In the night of August 31st, The gala night of the 2013 Zhangjiajie Music week presents in Xibu street, attracting thousands of citizens and tourists. The domestic and foreign performers and audience sing and dance, enjoying in the happy world of music week.

At night, Bands from 25 countries show their unique techniques, displaying excellent performance in Suoxi river and Xibu street. Hot dance, resounding rock music, joyous African drum music and diversified folk songs from Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu and Sangzhi…

It is reported that in the future three days 22 foreign bands from 20 countries such as Canada, Argentina, Peru and Indonesia and 8 domestic bands from Yunan, Xijiang, Gansu and Jilin will give excellent tour shows in Yellow Dragon Cave, Laomo Bay, Shuiraosimen, Tianzi Mount, Baofeng lake and Tianmen Mount during daytime; at night they will attend the gala night in Xibu street; during the event, “Harley Riders·Along with Music”, “Cultural Dream of Zhangjiajie” forum and awarding ceremony–closing ceremony will be kicked off.

By Crystal