French Outdoor Sports Delegation Investigated Zhangjiajie

Vice-consul of French Consulate General in Chengdu Province Serge Koenig and outdoor sports delegation came to Zhangjijaie for inspection. Deputy Mayor of Zhangjijaie City Cheng Danfeng discussed with guests about how to promote Zhangjiajie travel by using outdoor sports.

Firstly, Cheng Danfeng showed a warm welcome to the delegation and then briefly introduced Zhangjiajie’s plan on combining existing resources with our door sports travel. At the same time, he also indicated that Zhangjiajie welcomes experts to inspect Zhangjiajie and put forward good suggestions.

The delegation indicated that Zhangjiajie owned the most unique landscape in the world. Judging from traditional travel, Zhangjiajie had done perfect job, which making Zhangjiajie top rated scenic spot inChina. As proved by facts, outdoor sports could drive the development of travel industry. They also mentioned that they would wrote a specified report after going back and would introduce Zhangjiajie to outstanding foreign enterprises.

Translated by Becky