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Over 200 Domestic and Foreign Media Focusing on ITL Country Music Week

On August 19th, source from the organizing committee of the music week has released that during the music week, over 200 media will focus on Zhangjiajie, reporting the grand occasion in an all round way and displaying Zhangjiajie’s special beauty and charm.

According to the report, the music week will propaganda in dimensional model and report channels cover all media, such as TV, broadcast and Internet. Now, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency,China News Agency and Hunan Daily have made early pre-report in all round way, in terms of the early preparations, activity theme, performing groups and highlights. There are 100,000 pages on Baidu and near 400 news report about the music week. Especially, on August 16th, People’s Daily made a headline on its front page themed “The Careful Preparations of the Music Week”, which extended Zhangjiajie’s btand image.

On the opening ceremony, Hunan Satellite TV will make broadcast throughout the event; CCTV, CNN, Fenghuang TV and Tourism TV will make central report; Xinhua Net, China News Net, Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other Net media will timely deliver the update news and make deepened report. Besides, some foreign media, such as AP, RIA Novosti, Reuters, AFP and Kyodo News Agency will report the event synchronically.

By Crystal