Zhangjiajie Boosts Travel Development by Building Outdoor Sports Brand

In order to boost the rapid development of travel in Zhangjiajie, on August 20th, Zhangjiajie hosts research forum of outdoor sports, discussing with outdoor sports delegation on how to enhance Zhangjiajie’s travel by developing outdoor sports. Chendanfeng, member of municipal standing committee and deputy mayor attends the forum.

The delegation of the outdoor sports that attends the forum includes the following members: Serge KOENIG, vice-consul of French consulate general in Chengdu–the director of the Alps-Si chuan mountain travel development, coach of mountain sports profession and senior consultant of China outdoor sports Net, Zhanghaifeng, chairman of Sino-French Jiangsu Yuedong travel and culture transmission Co.,LTD, and Wangxiaoning, manager of Sino-French Jiangsu Yuedong travel and culture transmission Co.,LTD.

On the meeting, Chendanfeng delivers his welcome to all the members of the delegation and recommends how Zhangjiajie develops its outdoor sports travel by combining its resources. He indicates Zhangjiajie is very suitable to develop outdoor sports travel due to its unique geographic advantages; the main tourists resource of Zhangjiajie is centered in Asia, but we hope to attract excellent principals and experts of outdoor sports for researching, which will offer good suggestions for Zhangjiajie’s outdoor sports travel.

The delegation proposes as a unique place in the world, Zhangjiajie has made great progress from a traditional travel aspect and is a super scenic spot; it has successful held many major large outdoor sports contests, but it also can conduct those that are suitable to the masses, which can drive relevant industries; besides the delegation says they will make research report and recommend Zhangjiajie to some good foreign companies and make more people to learn Zhangjiajie and take part in its outdoor sports once they back.

By Crystal