Zhangjiajie, A Sea of Mountains

Three years has past, but “Avatar”, The most expensive film, has created the brilliant result. With great reputation, The beauty of zhangjiajie is undisputed, even in the winter.

Zhangjiajie scenic spot is composed of more than 3,000 peaks, A sea of the mountains. So the biggest point is the mountain. No artificial feature, every mountain is a natural formation. Actually, Zhangjiajie is a piece of sea. Originally due to changes in the earth’s crust movement, crust uplift and become mountains. Because of the strange feature, in the 1980s, “Journey to the west” has taken the scene in Zhangjiajie. Thirty years later, The famous American director Cameron has made the movie “Avatar” in Zhangjiajie to create amazing suspended mountain scene. All of these make Zhangjiajie bacome a worldwide mountain peaks.

Translated by Sophia