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Folk Culture Comes Alive with Yueyang Wild Lotus Travel Festival

On July 18, the 2012 China (Yueyang) Wild Lotus Tourism Festival was held in Junshan, Yueyang City.

Opening ceremony of the 2012 China (Yueyang) Wild Lotus Tourism Festival This festival includes such activities as opening ceremony, folk culture performance, 2012 lotus fairies selection, contract signing of economy and trade projects as well as photography competition on scenery and folk culture of Junshan.

The highlight of the festival lies in its distinctive folk culture, including “the lotus fairy’s talent show on the T-shaped stage”, and two original folk songs “Leledong” and “Brother and Sister Gather Lotuses Together”.

The famous Chinese singer Chen Sisi sang “Love Song of Naxi” and “The Beautiful Road” on site and the poetry “Enjoying Flourishing Lotuses is a Must in Junshan” was recited by two actors Kang Zhuang and Du Ninglin. The folk culture performance, consisting of three parts, namely “source of lotus”, “love of lotus” and “charm of lotus”, shows a flourishing China and ecologically splendid scenery of the Dongting Lake area, a land of fish and rice.

The performance of folk song “Leledong”

Lotus fairies’ fashion show on T-shaped stage

Translator: Huang Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal