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High-speed Trains Popular During Mid-Autumn Festival

During the short holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the high-speed trains were greatly favored by passengers. According to the information released by the Changsha Railway Station on September 21, there were 320,000 passengers in total taking trains in the three-day holiday, 200,000 of which took the high-speed ones in the Changsha South Railway Station.

A relevant official from the Changsha South Railway Station introduced that apart from those lines with highest passenger load factors bounding for Wuhan and Guangzhou, the newly-added ones in July this year to Nanjing, Shanghai and Jinan were also well received.

Due to the coming seven-day National Day holiday several days later, passengers during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday were mostly back for home visit in a short distance. From September 19 to 21, eight railway stations-Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang, Miluo, Hengshan, Linxiang, Linli, and Lukoupu all received over 100,000 passengers, 32,000 ones per day on average, and 60% of passengers were travelers on short trips.

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal