First Travel Airplane in Hunan Province Successfully had Its Debut Flight

Let the world know Hunan province, let Hunan province get close to the world. On October 31st, an airplane named“Splendid Xiaoxiang, Happy Hunan” had its debut flight in Changsha Huanghua International Airport. Its first destination was Kunming, Yunnan Province. In the air, Hunan travel advertising video was broadcasted. At the same time, there were travel promotional materials. As the first travel airplane in Hunan province, this airplane acts as publicity ambassador in the air. It will become a new bright aerial name card of Hunan travel.

“Splendid Xiaoxiang, Happy Hunan” is coated by Hunan tourist administration and Okay airways jointly. Based on Changsha city, it will fly in those airlines between Hunan province and other places. Undoubtedly, Hunan brand promotion will be brought to many places in the future, which will be good for the publicity and openness of Hunan province.

Translated by Becky