160 Literary Works Praise “The Beautiful Wulingyuan”

On Oct 31st, The two-month “The Beautiful Wulingyuan” Prose and Poetry Contest officially meets a deadline. According to the statisitics, 160 literary works are received, including 65 proses and 95 poetries.

Under the joint-host of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Literature and Arts Association, Wulingyuan Writers’ Association and Red Net Wulingyuan, the contest is aimed to flourish the travel culture in Wulingyuan and motivate more people to pay attention to Wulingyuan, to love Wulingyuan and long for Wulingyuan, by creating prose and poetries to eulogizing Wulingyuan.

According to the person in charge of Wulingyuan Arts and Literature Association, since the initiation of the contest, many a literature lovers across the country have actively taken part in the contest, and among the 160 contestants, two are China Writers’ Association members and 0ver 30 provincial writers’ association members.By combining their own travelling experience and proficient writing skills, they create numerous literature masterpieces that praise the beautiful Zhangjiajie.

At the early November, the organizers will select the top three places from these works and except the bonus and certifications, they will have the chance to visit Wulingyuan core attractions without any charge.

By Crystal