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First North Korean Restaurant Opens in Zhangjiajie

A North Korean themed restaurant “Pyongyang”, a chain restaurant named after the capital city, has been set up in Zhangjiajie. The restaurant is scheduled to run its trial operation on August 15, attempting to offer the most authentic taste of North Korean cuisine to citizens in Zhangjiajie and tourists from all over the world.  

Seated on the second floor of Vedi Hotel in Guanliping of Zhangjiajie City (in western Hunan), the restaurant, with the working staff for management, cooking and serving all from North Korea, will serve authentic North Korean dishes. In order to present dishes with original taste and flavor, the restaurant imported condiment, wine and beverage from North Korea.   

At the restaurant, eaters can enjoy the five famous food of North Korea, namely, Pyongyang cold noodle, green bean cake, kimchi, barracuda from Taetong and chicken soup with ginseng, drink the nutritional ginseng liquor and appreciate the authentic North Korean songs and dances. 

A beautiful North Korean waitress serves dishes at the table.

Korean song and dance performance

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal