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The Construction of Zhangjiajie Lishui Landscape Belt Passed International Biding

On August 5th, Source from the construction headquarters of Lishui landscape belt has learned that in order to enhance the construction process of Lishui landscape belt, the headquarters divides the projects within the related sectors and clarifies the job responsibility and division of leadership. Relevant personnel attend the meeting.

At present, the construction of Zhangjiajie Lishui landscape belt has passed the international biding and submitted to the government for approval. Parts of project have been constructed, such as Nanzhuangping bin riverside road, Baota road, Xixiping new bund road. The headquarters takes pains to make clear of the job responsibility and division of leadership and mainly directs and supervises the carry out and draw up of the project, including 12 districts, such as Baotagang, new bund garden and Tantouwan.

The meeting indicates members of the headquarters should intensify the sense of job responsibility, get familiar with the states for making easy and fast communication and coordination; rationalize working thinking and well implement the management and construction of the landscape belt in line with Zhangjiajie’s real situation. Furthermore, all the sectors should actively attract investments, make smooth cooperation and master the process and quality of the project.

By Crystal