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The First North Korean Restaurant Entered Zhangjiajie

Recently, A North Korean Restaurant named “Pingrang Restaurant” was prepared for opening. As the first Korean restaurant entered Zhangjiajie, all staff try their best to bring the purest Korean taste to Zhangjiajie residents and worldwide visitors. At the same time, this restaurant will have much positive impact on exchanging Chinese and Korean culture.

Pingrang Restaurant is located in the second floor of Weidi Hotel, Zhangjiajie downtown. It has a capacity of 120 people having meals simultaneously. Both halls and balconies are seen here. In total, there are 24 personnel including administrators, cook and waiters coming from North Korea. The foods offered there are pure North Korea foods. In order to make sure its local flavor, all seasonings and drinks are from North Korea.

It is said that the most part of preparing work have been finished now. It is estimated to start the trial operation from August 15th. If you want to taste the purest Korean foods, maybe you can go to Pingrang Restaurant.

Translated by Becky