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Famous Pianist Malone Will Perform in Zhangjiajie International Country Music

From the kingdom of Belgium music, The world famous pianist, Malone will appear in the “World natural heritage” wulingyuan scenic area at the end of this month. He will combine with Li Pingdong song pop, to play “Our Country Music”.

It is understood that Malone is the world renowned pianist with great popularity. He has been called “One of the top ten music master” in the new century. His piano playing is elusive and fascinating, with the vigor and personality color, which shows classical gravity and human kindness.

Malone has a deep love in China. Since 2003, He has been more than 10 times the performance or conduct cultural exchange activities in China. In 2010, he has invited Chinese singer Shang Wenjie to create and sing “our song” on the Belgian pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Still, Malone yearns for the beautiful mountains and rivers. In the upcoming 2013 Zhangjiajie international country music, besides on behalf of the kingdom of Belgium music to play the sounds of nature, he will also combine with Lip Pingdong songs in zhangjiajie natural big stage, to play Chinese and western music cultural integration work again.

In the heart of Malone, Dong songs is a flash spring, beautiful melody of primitive simplicity.

Translated by Sophia