Famous Artist Li Yugang Enchanted by Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

On March 21st, Li Yugang- One of the newly listed “The Four Handsome Guys of China”came to Zhangjiajie in low key, enchanted by its unique natural landscape and folk customs. He is a famous singer,actor and artist in China, even all over the world. He also is a national top-level actor from China Opera and Dance Theater. When he left there, he said“I would be back here someday to enjoy an entertaining holiday and fresh air again”.

During these two days, Mr. Li Yugang visited Mount Tianmen and Yuanjiajie. He also watched a large-scale ethnic show-“The Charming Xiangxi”. Wherever he traveled, he would praised the beautiful natural and cultural sights of Zhangjiajie and took pictures with his phone. In his trip, He friendly say hi to his fans occasionally. “I have been longing for Zhangjiajie since i was a student. But i can’t come here earlier for some reason. Finally came here. I deeply felt its unbelievable natural beauty and long rich ethnic folk customs”He said frankly.

Translated by Zumi