Experts Gathered in Zhangjiajie to Discuss its Ecological Protection

Recently, More than 150 experts came together in Zhangjiajie to jointly discuss in industrial development of ecological protection and give suggestions to economical healthy development.

Zhangjiajie is known as an important national ecological functional area and main battlefield for regional development and poverty alleviation in Wulingyuan. This seminar is aimed at realizing a win-win development in both ecological protection and industrial development.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie centers on travel to drive the construction of sightseeing farm villages, which attracts broad participation of visitors. Based on tourist industry, Zhangjiajie develops arrowroot, Maoyan berry, gallnut and many special fruits. By means of special products, they lengthen the industrial chain.

After years’ efforts, Zhangjiajie’s ecological protection industry goes as a lead in many fields. The value of ecological industry gets to 18 billion yuan in total, taking for 53% in Zhangjiajie’s GDP.

Translated by Becky