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Du Fanglu Meets Counselor Ma Tianning from Wuhan French Embassy

On September 15th, Du fanglu, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and executive vice mayor, meets the counselor–Ma Tianning and his accompanies from Wuhan French embassy. The two sides have friendly communications.

Du fanglu first expresses his hearty welcome to Ma Tianning and his accompanies, and makes brief introduction about Zhangjiajie’s basic information. He indicates, as w young city in China, Zhangjiajie has only 25 years since it as a city; with minorities taking up over 70% of the total population, Zhangjiajie is endowed with rich travel resources and profound cultural deposits, especially the unique“Zhangjiajie landform”makes Zhangjiajie honor many international brands, such as“The first world natural heritage in China”, “The first batch world geo-park”; Zhangjiajie not only belongs to Zhangjiajie’s citizens, but also to the people across the whole world; he hopes Ma Tianning can have more journey in Zhangjiajie and the tw parties can carry out deep contacts on travel, trade, sanitation, culture and education.

Ma Tianning delivers his sincere gratitude to Zhangjiajie’s hearty reception and thinks highly of Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery. He exclaims he has learned Zhangjiajie’s beauty and wanted to visit Zhangjiajie once his take-over office; these French friends who are engaged in different businesses come to Zhangjiajie and wish to cooperate with Zhangjiajie in terms of travel economy, sustainable development and culture exchanges.

By Crystal