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An 80-plus-year Beijing Tourist to Speak highly of Zhangjiajie Tremendous Changes

“It feels like travelling in a primitive forest two decades ago, but now a tour to Zhangjiajie is just like a privilege only for celestial beings, and this travel has stroke me a lot” an essay to director of Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau was written by Liu renyi, an 80-plus-old Beijing resident to express directly his enormous appreciation for the tremendous changes that Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has taken place over more than 20 years.

In this article, Retrospect to his experiences twenty years ago in Zhangjiajie by reading his memories, he compared two tours and marveled at great differences this time. In old days, there were only some small bungalows along the park, the highest among which were some small hotels and inns with two or three stories. At an early morning after the gatekeeper opened the door, I wandered along a creak snaking through the mountains alone without encountering too many people. And then I squeezed into a bus to Yellow Dragon Cave where I followed a tourists group and listened to tour guiding cautiously in case of falling behind for every light turned off the minute tourists passed by.

In contrast, this trip is on a par with a tour for celestials, since we can go to the place used to be monopolized by immortals by various kinds of facilities, such as ropeway and elevator in Tianzi Mountain where solitary peaks pierce into the sky of a imposing momentum. It is unique both in its geological features and natural beauty. In addition, Liu also praised the exquisiteness of programs of the Charm Western Hunan with large-scale performance and colorful clothing. In the end, he gasped in admiration that Zhangjiajie is so beautiful that it is as miraculous as a fairyland which not only belong to China but the whole world.

By Brenda