Dragon TV《Happy Journey in Zhangjiajie》Film to be Broadcast on Dec

From Nov 8th to Nov 11th, The column crew from Shanghai Dragon TV–Happy Journey comes to Zhangjiajie for the special shooting of Wulingyuan core scenic spots. It is reported that An long, who is from Australia, will be the host of the feature film, which is planed to take the topic of Happy Journey in Zhangjiajie. After the post production, the film will be broadcast on the column of Getaway in Shanghai Dragon TV by Chinese and English languages.

When they come to Wulingyuan, The camera crew pay visits to the major attractions for natural humanities landscapes, such as Tianzi Mount, Yuanjiajie, Yellow Stone Village, Golden Whip Stream, Baofeng Lake and etc; and make On-the-spot interview to Xiang zuorong, who is the folk song singer and inherits Zhangjiajie ethnic culture, and Xiang xiao wujia, which is devoted to developing Zhangjiajie’s local specialty. An long remarks, he had several times to shot programs in Zhangjiajie and thus has deep lot with it. Combined with the features of involvement, interaction and entertainment, The 25-minute feature film leads the audience to walk into Zhangjiajie and have a happy journey in here from the major factors: Catering, Lodging, Transportation, Travelling, Shopping and Entertainment.

As a bilingual travelling and leisure program that put forward in 2003, The GETAWAY has the meaning of “Set off”. Its main content is self-driving travelling, combined with travelling, sightseeing and experiencing, with distinctive metropolis features and internationalism; its target audience are people with high education, high salary and high consumption and China foreign nations. Since its broadcast in the past ten years, it has become a brand program favored by audience from home and abroad, especially has good audience rating in Australia and Japan.

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