Fairyland-Jiuzhaigou Valley Joins Hands with-Oxygen Bar-Luxi River,Xiangxi

On Nov 8th, Source from Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Tourism Bureau has learned Xiangxi Luxi River enter into friendly counties and sign the friendly framework agreement.

As counties that gathered mainly be national minorities, Jiuzhaigou Valley and Luxi River are united as friendly counties based on their beautiful natural scenery and pr found ethnic customs. Endowed with rich vegetation, gurgling stream, Jiuzhaigou Valley is the renowed attraction; while Luxi River is rich in extraordinary mount and river, with great men and natural beauty. With Yuan River flowing through the county, Luxi is the pilot county for national ecological construction and is reputed “Natural oxygen bar”. Now it is extending its Yuan River landscape belt “One city, one county, a river, a mountain”, for the purpose of eco-leisure travelling resort.

The union between Luxi River and Jiuzhaigou Valley which is rich in developing travelling is bound to welcome one big leap for Luxi River’s travel. Both of them will exchange experience and needed products to realize a win-win situation.

Source from: Hunan Tourism Bureau Website

By Crystal