Zhangjiajie free paradise for Outdoor travel

On Nov. 10th, After the release of the prelude of Zhangjiajie outdoor travel advertising video at the end of October, a lot of outdoor project investors have been attracted by this opportunity. And the spring of Zhangjiajie outdoor travel is coming.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area is renowned for its beautiful quartz sandstone peak forest landform. But many tourists do not know, outside Wulingyuan,there are many places including Sangzhi, Cili which is home to more vast, pristine scenery of lush jungles and peculiar views.

“The beauty of Zhangjiajie lies in everywhere, and it’s our obligations to present them before the tourists” Chengdan Feng,Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee,and vice mayor said.

An outdoor leisure and travel resources survey working group, led by Zhangjiajie government, made up of outdoor sports experts from France, the domestic alpine sports coaches, Zhangjiajie City Blue Rescue Team and outdoor club leader and other components, has worked out “Zhangjiajie travel resources survey report on outdoor travel” after 20 days’ investigation with more than 800 staff.

It has found that Zhangjiajie abounds in outdoor travel resources, including four major categories, such as forest tourist, Zhangjiajie landscape, karstic terrain and ethnic culture,mainly in eight Areas consisting of Tianmen Mountain Area, Badagongshan Area, Wu Lei Mountain Area, Zhao Pass Area, etc.

There resources are suitable for developing leisure projects,experience experiences, challenge programs,and limit sports, for instance,mountain climbing, rock climbing, caving, river trekking, bouldering, camping, cross, paragliding,etc. Almost 30 kinds of outdoor sports is available to meet different demands for outdoor enthusiasts.

Subsequently, The investigation team will shoot the resultant of many true picture, into Zhangjiajie outdoor travel promos. October 26th, the advertising vedio has made its debut on the sixth session of Yangshuo Climbing Festival, which attracts a large number of consultors and explorers.

Cheng Danfeng revealed that in the planning of the municipal government of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie Tourism outdoor travel will become one of the highlights of transformation and upgrading.

The city has held a positive attitude towards outdoor travel which has significantly stimulated domestic and foreign investment and also excited outdoor sports practitioners who have been on the bench for many years, as a leader’s words described that “The spring of Zhangjiajie outdoor travel is truly coming”.

By Brenda