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DPF Donor Animal Facility Launched in Hunan Changsha

DPF Donor Animal Facility of Central South University, the first one in Asia and the second in the world, opened in Ningxiang County, Changsha, on August 18. The facility has nurtured ‘Donor Pigs’ that can supply medical donors for cells, tissues and organs transplantations. The founding of this organization marks significant breakthrough in China’s clinical study on DPF, indicating that China has improved its curing system of diabetes through xenotransplant to world’s top level.

If the technique of ‘transplanting pig pancreatic islets to humans’ is adopted successfully in clinic, it will not only prolong diabetes patients’ life, but also reduce their costs.

Bio-safety is the key link in clinical study of DPF. DPF Donor Animal Facility of Central South University will provide safe donors for xenotransplant.

Translator: Chen Bing

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal