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Hunan Added another 70 Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritages

Recently, Hunan government published the third list of provincial intangible cultural heritage and the extended list, thus amounting to 70. So far, with the addition of previous pronounced first and second directories, provincial intangible cultural heritage in Hunan province achieved 220 altogether.

In 2011, culture department of Hunan province launched the declaration and assessment centering on the third provincial cultural intangible directory. In accordance with the related regulations, experts examined 112 items declared by 14 cities and some units among Hunan province. After two-round publicity of all those recommended items, later, judged by joint conference, and authorized by Hunan government, this directory was ascertained finally, involving 50 items and 20 extended items within it.

Compared with previous intangible cultural heritage items, this time, those newly added items commonly share the following features: large quantity, wide categories and high standard. It is worth noting that some items possess not only abundant historical value, but also rich cultural value and artistic value. In addition, some old and famous shops or enterprises are also brought to the forefront.

Translated by Becky