China’s First Special Outdoor Riding Games Will be held in Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay

China’s first large-scale special riding activity will be held on July 5th, in Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay. Outdoor enthusiasts from home and abroad will be in a swimsuit, with coloured drawing or pattern, enjoying a 6-km bicycle race in Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay.

It is an eye-catching creative art color cycling race. Compared with the foreign popular “Naked” riding, Zhangjiajie “Color riding” keeps the friendly contact with nature, Also considers the domestic customs and aesthetic habits.

To participate in this riding, All the people will draw on Body’s exclusive summer lotus leaf, white lotus, such as large pattern, or write the aftertaste environmental signs. The purpose is to call on the citizens to ride a bike to go out with oriental unique aesthetic idea and environmental protection.

Translated by Sophia