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The First Slogan of World Geological Park Museum

In April this year, World geological park museum after modifying was free open to the world. Among them, The first 5D world geological park experience, Through the film “Wuling strange encounters”, let the audience experience the fun of a space Odyssey, stereo feel the changes of Zhangjiajie in one hundred million years. After the new launching, It received extensive attention of the society from all walks of life, Which becoming a new hot spot of zhangjiajie popular science travel.

To better promote Zhangjiajie world geological park museum image, Enhance the visibility and reputation, Zhangjiajie mobilized all forces to promot image propaganda slogan. It attracted the masses of the people to be actively involved in travel.

Zhangjiajie world geological park museum made all the slogans to the public. After soliciting opinions and Suggestions from all walks of life, Zhangjiajie world geological park museum adopted “Stop a moment, Through the one hundred million years” as the first advertising diction for the external image promotion.

Translated by Sophia