Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Witnessed a Blossom of Hydrangeas

On June 17th, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park appeared blooming hydrangeas near the lane. With white, blue, pink, purple flowers against the green leaves, It looked more beautiful.In the morning, They seemed very tender when the dews didn’t fade away.It looked like charming snow flowers on the tree, Attracting a great many guests to take photos there.

Its flower period is from June to July. In the beginning, It is white, then gradually turns pink or blue, big and beautiful. Its flower color can be red or blue, Which is pleasing and refreshing. It is a very normal potted ornamental plant. China began to grow it early at gardens dating back to Ming or Qing Dynasty.

“Those flowers are so charming, They are so colorful, I am attracted assoon as I get off the car. I don’t want to leave until a lot of photos are shot”, A guest from Guangdong spoke highly of them.

Translated by Zumi