Chili Fish Head is Applying for Guinness Record

The 2013 Chinese Cuisine Chef Festival is going to kick off between Oct 19th to 21 in Changsha,Hunan. One of the most exciting and expecting program is the Guinness record application of Chili Fish Head.

Chili Fish Head also called steamed fish head with red chilly pepper is one of the most delicious cuisine in Hunan.Whenever and wherever in Hunan, you can not miss the chance of having a bite of Chili Fish Head.

The application will be applied by Chinese Cuisine Master,Xiang Cuisine Master Xu Juyun,who leading a group of apprentices.In detail, The fish is expected to have a weight of over 50 kg and is bighead carp,and this fish is from Zhangjiajie jiangya town.The special steaming plate under making is with the diameter of 1.68 meters.Cuisine chef group will make the dish on the scene and apply for the world record.

By Aileen