“Charming Xiangxi” Will Stop Performance for Half An Month to Visit Italy

From 15th, Jan., Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi”, An large scale national culture program, Will stop performance and restart on 31st, January.

According to schedule of Hunan cultural department, from 17th, Jan.to 28 Jan., Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi” will be on behalf of Hunan go to Italy and Malta for new year’s sodality which organised by national culture department in condolence of overseas Chinese. Since last year when Zhangjiajie accepted this task, Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi” has made comprehensive preparation. Over 30 performers and 11 wonderful programmes were meticulously picked out and tensive rehearsal has proceed at the same time. All this has been done is to bring the mose essence of Zhangjiajie performance to overseas audience to set up good image of Zhangjiajie travel.

Great attention was paid and great support was given by leaders of department of travel and culture to Zhangjiajie “Charming Xiangxi”. At the present, performers are doing the last rehearsal and they have confidence in showing the best performance. It’s really worth of our continuous attention and let’s expect for their triumphant return.

By Patricia