2014 International Lighting Festival to Kick off at Meixi Lake

The 2014 International Lighting Festival is scheduled to be held during February 4(the fifth day of the first lunar month) to 16 (the seventeenth day of the first lunar month) at Meixi Lake International New Town in Changsha.

About fifty groups of fashionable and innovative colored lights began to be displayed from the evening of February 23. Bearing resource conservation in mind, an important idea in building a “two-oriented society”, the lights are mainly LED energy saving lamps. Besides, a leasing and renovation manner is adopted in some lights works to further save costs.

Since 2014 is the year of horse (one of the Chinese Zodiac), the organizer makes numerous horse-themed lighting sets, of which “Portrait of Eight Steeds”, a large simulation lighting set, is particularly striking. In addition, the festival is expected to present night float parade for the first time, in a bid to provide a grand street party for visitors and Changsha citizens during the Spring Festival.

Visitors walk on the lantern-decorated road.

Various horse-themed colored lights are presented at the festival.

Translator: Tang Li

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal