Challengers list for 2012 Tianmenshan Wing-Suit Flying World Championship

The 2012 Red Bull Wing-Suit Flying World Championship is going to running from October 12 to14 in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain.this Championship is the one the largest in scale, the most difficult in flight, the highest in risk, and the strict in contestants’ skills till now. Soon 16 contestants from 10 different countries will perform in this contest. Hold your breath!here is Challengers list.

Translated by Vincent Chou

1、Espen Fadnes

2、Jeffery Adam Nebelkopf

3、JT Homles

4、J Ray Corliss

5、James Boole

6、Michael Swanson

7、Ludovic Woerth

8、Jon Devore

9、Chris Douggs McDougall

10、Livia Dickie Mary

11、Joby David Ogwyn

12、Roberta Mancino

13、Julian Boulle

14、Joakim Sommer

15、Anthony UragalloStepney