Central Bureau Authorized Unscheduled Flights Between Zhangjiajie and Thailand

Recently, Central Bureau ratified Bangkok Airline Company to add Zhangjiajie airport in their “CCAR-129 Operation Specification”, allowing operating unscheduled flights to Zhangjiajie in Thailand. Up to now, Zhangjiajie airport increased another international airline company.

Since the year before last, Zhangjiajie airport had managed to pass the national acceptance coming from air port in order to expand foreign planes, and officially opened to foreign airplanes. By means of coordinating with local government, Zhangjiajie airport gained the approving of Central Bureau, so that Orient Thai Airlines, Korean Yisida Airlines, Asiana Airlines and other foreign airline companies can operate in Zhangjiajie airport. What’s more, Zhangjiajie to Hong Kong and to Macao airline were opened, which improved the air traffic bottleneck existing in Zhangjiajie international airline, promoting the internationalization of Zhangjiajie travel and also further push this high-quality travel brand to the whole world.

Translated by Becky