Celebrate Spring Festival & Enjoy Folk Customs in Yueyang & Junshan

It has been revealed thatManagement Committee of Yueyang Tower · Junshan Island Scenic Spot  is in process of preparing unique activities for 2013 Spring Festival for tourists from home and abroad. In order to make tourists in Yueyang leisurely enjoy this Festival and  the folk customs, it will organize activities such as climbing to pray for blessing, fishing to experience the joy of fishery harvesting and traditional operas. 

It is reported that from February 13 to 24, a series of variety shows will be presented in Yueyang Tower Scenic Spot, including dragon and lion dances, magic and acrobatics, live show by painters and calligraphers, guessing lantern riddles and original campfire party. Folk-custom games such as rope skipping, tug-of-war, kicking shuttlecock and rolling iron hoop await your participation.. If you can completely recite the essay Yueyang Tower written by Fan Zhongyan in 1046, you can visit the scenic spot for free.

The traditional Chinese operas staged for tourists will incorporate local characteristics. Yueyang flower drum opera (Huguzi) is scheduled on the afternoon of the third day, the fourth day, the thirteenth day and the next two days of the first lunar month. Some historic dramas and Baling Opera, including “Drunken Concubine”, “Spring of the Jade Hall”, “Beating Yan Song” and “Nine-whip”, will be staged from the sixth day to the tenth day of the first lunar month. Changle Taige Stories, one of the national intangible cultural heritage preservation projects, will be staged in Yueyang Tower on the third day and the fourth day of the lunar month and in Junshan Island on the following two days.

Translator: Wang Rong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal