Zhangjiajie Yuanjiajie Being a Hot Visiting Place During Golden Week

Zhangjiajie Yuanjiajie scenic area became an abnormal booming on the forth day of the National Holiday. With swarms of guests from everywhere, the scenic area was crowded with people. Being the core of key scenic area, Without doubt Yuanjiajie would have a “blowout”.

Yuanjiajie is favored by travelers because of the famous scenic spots like The World’s No. 1 Bridge and Hallelujah Mountain. Along with the fine weather recently, guests have more interest in visiting here. There were many guests standing in a long line at the Bailong Bridge and scenic eco-cars. At the view platform, a great many guests can be seen here and there to scramble for taking photos. Waking on the clean pathway, they took in fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery as if in a wonderland. After seeing all those charming things, they took pictures and gave a full of praise.

To ensure the normal order of Yuanjiajie and meet the needs of accommodation and transportation, the staff tried their best to prepare for the golden week. In the period, the whole staff should on duty all day long. Some specially-assigned people were arranged to keep guests’ safety and smooth traffic at important places. All those helped to create a safe and satisfactory tourist environment.

By Zumi