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Artworks from North Korea are best sellers in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

On Sept 10th, large numbers of tourists have rushed to buy cloth dolls dressed in hanbok, CDs and albums etc. in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave commercial street. Due to language obstacles, they have to communicate through a combination of both language and gestures to bargain with each other. With smiles on the faces of both sellers and buyers, many tourists have been attracted to this busy and living area by a bustling atmosphere, which adds a lot of favor to the natural scenery.

A Guest from Shandong holding six cute dolls with different colors he has just bought said happily: “I did not expect that I can even buy foreign arts in Yellow Dragon Cave without going abroad, How happy will my family be when they see these gifts!”

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the quality of travel, Zhangjiajie has become South Korea’s largest travel market. According to the person in charge of scenic spot, 2012 has witnessed 170,000 tourists from Korea in total in Yellow Dragon Cave. Therefore, to build Korea style food and arts would be put on agenda.

By Brenda