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Many Guests Favoring Foot Traveling during Golden Week in Zhangjiajie

On October 3, It is expected that Zhangjiajie will witness the highest tourist peak with more than 50 thousand guests. To avoid the peak of traffic like scenic cableways and elevators, The reporter got to the starting point of Mount Tianzi on foot at 8:30am.They found that many guests also did like that. It is no doubt that many guests showed their preference for waking into the scenic area on foot.

Reporters happened to meet a tour group from Beijing when they chose to walk into the scenic area instead of by cableway or elevator. One of the guests happily accepted the interview. “Why do you choose to enter into the scenic area through climbing mountain?”“It is wise to choose to walk into the scenic area.Firstly; it helps to save our time for it only takes 2 hours for me to get to the top of the mountain. Secondly, I can avoid boring queuing and crowded space. Thirdly, walking makes me relaxed and I am able to enjoy more sceneries. Besides, it does good to my body” He smilingly answered.

By Zumi